Gesine had heard about the club from a relative who had lived in Paris some years ago. The letter she sent along with her photo, asking to be considered for participation, and stating the intensity of her wish to submit to anyone willing to dominate and use her, was touchingly formal.


She agreed to let him fuck me under the condition that only she gets to cum on his cock.

She will nibble my neck and edge my pussy until her man cums in it.

I will suck him back to hardness for her later, when she is ready for her nice, satisfying orgasm on her man’s cock.


The cock in her ass is slow, leisurely. He will take his time, a long time, before he cums.

She was ordered to match her cocksucking to the pace of the assfucking she is receiving. Slow, gentle, leisurely.

Taking it slow and drawing it out, enjoying a slow, gradual build up before they finally erupt in her body, practically vibrating with her need now.

Her inner thighs will be covered in her lubrication, flowing from her untouched pussy.

She will insert a plug into her ass to keep the cum from adding to the sticky mess on her legs, throw on a light sundress, and they will all go out to dinner.

Maybe they will run into some friends to play with her after dinner. Maybe they will even want to touch her clit, or fuck her pussy, or ohgod anything, anything at all!

Or not. And then, nothing for her. Nothing except the plug in her ass, keeping her filled with cum, and her poor swollen pussy, still dripping, dripping.

Till tomorrow.