She has a normal range of outer and inner labia piercings etc., but they are not the focus of this post, rather the particular point of interest is the piercing with the large gauge curved barbell at the bottom of the photo. This piercing passes deep under her perineum between her vagina and anus. Known as a Suitcase Piercing, this is so rare that many of you may never have heard of it, it will probably not appear if you search for “female genital piercings”. It is rare for good reason, and even a woman anatomically suited to this piercing will probably not find a piercer prepared to do it. All anal piercings carry obvious risks of infection during the healing process, and issues of cleanliness even once healed, but the Suitcase Piercing going deep carries the additional risk of peritonitis, which if not suitably treated early enough could well prove fatal.

So interesting though it appears, for anyone fascinated at the prospect of having this one, the answer is a definite “No!”.


The epiphany of a hooker top, just gotta be careful that my boobs don’t pop out. Oh wait you wouldn’t mind, would you?

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